25 years

Last Sunday I turned 25 years old.

It feels strange to be 25 truth be told. Nothing has changed, I am still perpetually tired, I did not wake up suddenly an adult and I am still trying to figure out who I am and what I actually want from life.

Celebrations were champagne soaked with Brunch at the Peninsula in Beijing (recommendable if you like bubbly and shellfish).

My 26th year on earth will be just as exciting as my past few years. There will be a lot of challenges work-wise that I will have to face, I might have to make big decisions on my career and I will see many new places on earth.

Last year I made goals for myself to achieve in this new chapter of my life. They were all very concrete adult-y and not at all achievable with the path that I took after uni. So this year my only goal is to not give a fuck (clearly, another year older does not make me any wiser). Because every time I give a fuck about something major, shit just hits the fan and I suffer for it. So fuck everything and everyone, I am going to do my thing.

See you soon!

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