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Since The Anna Edit also wrote one, I thought I’d share my own USA wishlist/shopping list. From August this year, I will be in Portland, Oregon for a project assignment. If you know me, you’ll know that the first thing I am going to do, is doing some damage at Sephora (Tatcha I’m coming for you). Besides that, there are also a lot of other things I plan on getting in the US.

From Glossier, I plan on getting not necessarily a lot of things. With the new Glossier Play and the Brow Flick, there is some new stuff happening, but since I barely wear makeup at the moment, I think I will focus more on skincare.

While I used the Milky Jelly Cleanser I didn’t find it that amazing, but now I’m kind of missing it, so I will stock up. I also want to try the Zit Stick as well as the Mask Duo and Body Hero Duo. Makeup wise I plan on getting the Makeup Set with Boy Brow in brown, lash slick and cloud paint in Beam, repurchase Generation G in Leo and Cake (thank god for the new packaging) and the Lidstar Duo in Slip and Moon. Besides that, I think I will also try the new Brow Flick and the Lip Vinyl.

Fashion wise I will get Allbirds Tree Runners in the all-white colourway. Here in Beijing, you can get Allbirds, but they are nearly 30€ more expensive than in the US. And since there is a store in Seattle, I have a day trip there planned for my first weekend there. I tried them here, and they were a dream, but since they are so much more expensive and Beijing turns any white shoe black in a matter of hours, I am waiting for the US. If by the end of my stay I really like them, I will also get the Wool Runners and maybe some loungers.

And of course, I intend to do a lot of damage at Everlane. Ever since I saw their Day Glove, I’ve been wanting to order, but because they are not available in Germany and I do not know my sizing I have been holding off. But since a trip to San Francisco is in the works, and they have a store there, I intend to try on literally everything and make notes of my sizing so that I can then better order (and of course buy some stuff onsite like shoes, jeans and sweaters).

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