Portland Japanese Garden

The Portland Japanese Garden is one of the many must see’s in Portland. Sitting right next to the International Rose Test Garden, it is part of the magnificent Washington Park.

I highly recommend going for a visit after some rain. While Portland, the whole Pacific Northwest really, is well known for its rain, what no one ever mentions is how different it makes the vegetation. Everything is covered in moss, dripping and alive in a way that I’ve rarely seen.

Right when you enter, there is a display of Bonsai trees, some over 1500(!!) years old. One of them even carried apples. I never thought that I’d get excited about a bunch of mini trees but here we are.

The garden is composed of several areas. There is a stone garden, a pavilion with the most beautiful view over Portland, a lake, koi fish and nothing but lush green as far as the eyes can see.

Make sure to take the time to amble through the natural garden. Besides the strolling pond garden, it is my favourite. There are plenty of benches to sit and enjoy the quiet, little water features and beautifully arranged vegetation. There is also a cafe, as well as the most wonderful gift shop ever (buy everything).

More information about the Portland Japanese Garden, including opening times and special events, can be found here. Tickets are 19$ for one adult.

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