Opulent Sunday Breakfast at the Granary Square Brasserie

Merry Christmas! And what better way to spend Christmas Day than with staring at beautiful pictures of a wonderful restaurant and fabulous food!

When the lovely Melissa came to visit me at the beginning of December, the plan mostly involved eating good food, spending money and shoving more food into our faces. We succeeded in every way possible.


One of the places we went to was the newly opened Granary Square Brasserie. An opulently decorated space, it was the perfect spot for our Sunday breakfast. When we arrived at 9am, we were the first people there (and were so for about an hour). Outside it was snowing and inside we felt both very cosy and very fancy.


As we arrived at 9am, we were able to order from the breakfast menu, and order we did! We both had freshly pressed orange juice (divine), Melissa had Cappuccino (bloody amazing) and I a breakfast tea to start, and then we both had a second round of the Cappuccinos (I really recommend those). For food, we first had something “proper”, avocado with poached eggs and tomatoes on sourdough for Melissa and Eggs Benedict for myself. I could wax poetic about the food at length, but I’ll spare you the gushing.

Because we wanted to be “healthy”, we ordered a caramelized grapefruit each. Let me tell you, I’ve never had a caramelized grapefruit. It was amazing. It was served in a silver bowl, with a (I assume) dedicated grapefruit-spoon. We died, it was so extra and fancy, and we had a major giggle about the whole thing.

So whats the verdict? Well, if you want a very fancy breakfast in a wonderfully cosy and opulent space, the Granary Square Brasserie is the perfect spot to do so. We ate more than was sensible, everything was beyond good, and the price point for the whole experience is very good.



Thank you to Melissa for letting me use her fantastic photos!

Granary Square Brasserie’s Website and the breakfast and brunch menu.

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