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This post is a day late because I got the flu in the middle of summer, like a dumb ass! Anyways, last week I promised I’d tell you guys how I found my everyday makeup through travelling.

When you travel you can’t bring your whole house. And I find it extremely funny that there are so many videos and posts about how to pack clothes but nothing about how to pack makeup!

The way I approached it is simple: I did my usual everyday face while at home, sticking all the things I used in a makeup bag. Then, the next day I tried to do my face with just the items in the bag. Repeating that process over a week, I took out whatever I didn’t use and put in what I used. By the end I had an edit of all the stuff I really needed, and it also confronted me with the fact that half the stuff I had in my collection, that “oh but what if I want to do a black liner” kinda stuff, I never used, because that kind of makeup was not me.

So besides figuring out what I actually needed to bring with me on trips, I also realized that half the makeup and brushes I owned I no longer needed or used. So I chucked out every makeup item that was really old, keeping newer stuff (at least until I move back to Germany and do a massive sort out) and putting all unused brushes away for the moment. I can now fit all my makeup into one small Rimowa case plus of course my setting spray and foundation in the liquids bag.

it really is amazing how much stuff you keep around just because you think you might need it at some later point in life. And yes, if money is an issue, it makes sense to hold onto stuff just in case (dude, I could rant for ages about minimalism and elitism, don’t get me started), but I am quite well of and will start a very well paying job in October, so I can just buy whatever I am lacking. That logic is a bit fucked up, and I get it, but right now, I have decided to just say ” I’ll buy it if I need it” whenever I am hesitant of letting go of something.


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