Horizn Studios Luggage Review

As part of my “oh no I’m an adult now” spending spree, I bought some luggage to schlepp my stuff from A to B. After a lot of to and fro, I ended up with two pieces from Horizn Studios.

I’d been dreaming of a lot of Rimowa luggage, but when I went to check both options and pricing, I nearly barfed. So expensive! So instead I went on a google spree. Because at that time I was still living in London, I was able to go to the Horizn Studios Shop there and check out their luggage. So naturally, I ended up with the Horizn Studios M5 Cabin Luggage.

330€ seems like a lot of money, but compared to Away and Rimowa it becomes affordable. I actually ended up saving 50€ off my carryon, because I bought it in store and exchanged an old Primark carryon. (Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have that offer anymore.)

I really enjoy the M5, it is the perfect size for a week-long trip, and with the compression pad you can stuff so much stuff in. Several trips later, it has a scratch where it got banged up in an overhead compartment, but to be honest, I couldn’t care less. It’s supposed to be used and abused and I’m sure it’ll look even better once really broken in.

I also now own the H6 Checkin suitcase which is fantastic and fits so much stuff (and also has a charger, which is also amazing). It’s a bit larger than the (for more expensive) comparable Rimowa suitcase and also has the compression pad as the carryon on one side and a zip-up net on the other. 

Volume wise I could pack a whole week into the carryon easily, maybe even longer if I don’t need special shoes. And the H6 fits easily enough for several weeks worth of vacation. To give you an idea; I’ve been living out of the M5, H6 and a truly massive (and heavy) ancient aluminium Rimowa (borrowed from my parents) for the past 3 months. They will also carry me to the US and further.

If you are looking for good suitcases, I can really recommend the Horizn Studios M5 and H6 luggage pieces. Both come with removable battery packs, dust bags and laundry bags (which are a godsend since I always forget mine). Am now contemplating whether or not I should get the even larger sized check-in piece to be prepared for any and all occasions. The Rimowa only has two wheels and is shitty to move around (looks really pretty though).

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