Glossier In London

Glossier has a popup in London since yesterday! How do I know this? Well firstly, there is this very pretty website called Where is Glossier? and secondly, I was there.

Eat your heart out!

After waiting 10 minutes in the queue outside at 11:00 the doors finally opened and we were ushered into the Glossier popup. Inside, everything was bedecked with flowers and pink.

I especially liked the displays in the rooms where we could swatch products to our heart’s content. And of course the famous You look good. mirrors were also around.

When you wanted to order something, you had to find a girl in a jumpsuit that had time to take your order. You paid right with her and then headed down to pick up your order. I’ll say, that I didn’t really like that because I felt like I had to go downstairs right now to get my order and couldn’t really go poke around a little more. Also try finding someone who has time, when everyone is super excited and asking questions like crazy.


Overall I really liked the popup. It was pretty, there were flowers and I could try out the products. However, I feel like if they don’t soon have a permanent store here in London, I’ll lose interest as I don’t like buying things I haven’t tried before. And there were several disappointments in my Glossier order. (Yes, there is a post coming.)

If you have the time and are in London, Glossier will be in London until the 22nd November. More info can be found here.

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