Chateau Lamothe du Prince Noir

Aka staying in a proper castle with a moat! Yes, you heard that right. After my family and I shattered our eardrums at the Rammstein concert in Paris (it was amazing, thanks for asking) my mom and I went to Bordeaux for a couple of days to rest and recuperate. There, we stayed at the Chateau Lamothe du Prince Noir.

We took the TGV from Paris down to Bordeaux and then got into a teeny tiny rental car. Our destination was the beautiful Chateau Lamothe du Prince Noir in Saint-Sulpice-et-Cameyrac. When my mom booked a hotel for us, she asked if I wanted to stay in a castle. Naturally, I said yes. When she said “castle” this was not what I expected.

When we arrived, gates opened, we drove down a long path lined with trees. And as the trees parted we beheld a castle with a moat. A moat. Mom, what the hell? Not only was there a moat, but also turrets and towers, and swans and tiny doggos. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

We stayed in a beautiful room with a ridiculously large bathroom (it had a couch and a massive tub in the middle of the room). Everything was decorated as you’d expect from a french castle. Did I mention that I was in heaven? And I haven’t even mentioned the pool (heatable) or the breakfast (served on the balcony overlooking the moat).

There was a little larder where you could get dishes and cutlery, grab some wine and really ham it up (see what I did there). One evening, when my mom and I were too tired from relaxing, sunbathing, sightseeing and general leisure, we went to a superÜ and made our own feast on the balcony with some fantastic rosè.

Another wonderful thing about Chateau Lamothe du Prince Noir is the grounds. If you are brave enough, you can circle around the castle through some very high grass. There are honest to god ruins with a witchy looking tower no less. Crossing a little bridge takes you back to the driveway and the pool.

You can book the Chateau Lamothe du Prince Noir here. If you are in the Bordeaux area, I’d highly recommend at least a night’s stay there.

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