Saint-Emilion and a drive through the vineyards

If you are into wine, it’s very likely that the name Saint-Emilion will mean something to you. It certainly didn’t mean anything to me, before my mom dragged me to Bordeaux for a vacation.

Saint-Emilion is a beautiful old town in Bordeaux, full of cobblestones, sand-coloured houses and basically anything and everything you imagine a french town to be like. (They even have an old castle.) What I found ridiculously funny was, that the whole town seemed to exist solely to sell wines to tourists. At every corner, there were wine stores, all proclaiming to ship their wares to all the corners of the world.

However, if you came to Bordeaux to buy wine, I’d rather recommend you rent yourself a minivan to take you from vineyard to vineyard. By having onsite tastings and talking to the people making the wines, not only do you support them, but you are also more likely to find a wine that will suit your tastes. If you already know what you need, or you don’t have a day just for drinking, then the shops will be a great one-stop solution.

If you want to experience food and wine the French way, head to L’Huitrier Pie. A beautiful restaurant hidden away in Saint-Emilion, it serves the most amazing set dinner with a wine accompaniment. Should your goal be to have trouble walking back over the cobblestone, due to too much good food and wine, then check out their menu.

Besides the wine and the good food, there is also plenty to look at. If you wander through the town, you’ll find churches, ruins and castles to look at. And if you want a little more walking, there are plenty of hills full of vines to walk through.

Overall, I can highly recommend a visit to Saint-Emilion, not just if you like to partake of the fermented grape juice.

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