Biking in Beijing

I am not much for bike riding anymore. During my school time, I’d bike everywhere. But since then, my commute has always been public transport based. And even though Germany is often described as bike-friendly, I never really felt safe biking. Until I went to Beijing.

Biking in Beijing is probably the nicest, most chill thing I’ve done in a long time. As I was a visitor to the city, I used Mobike to get around. Like any other shared mobility app, once I had some money on there, I could unlock any Mobike in the city with my phone.

What I liked best about biking in Beijing was, that the bike lanes were usually cordoned off by some steel fence. And the wider the street was, the wider the bike lanes got too. Not to mention that streets were lined with trees and thus there was lots of shade to bike through.

So if you’d like to experience Beijing more like a local, then grab a bike and get pedalling!

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