Beijing: First Week

I landed in Beijing on Sunday. It’s now Friday, my first week is almost over, and I feel like I’ve entered a new dimension of reality.

As I mentioned previously, I am staying in Beijing for three months for a project assignment with work. China is nothing new for me, but Beijing is. It is so different from the Beijing and China, I encountered years ago. I just bought 40Gb of data for my phone for 100RMB and then promptly went to hail a Didi car. 10 years ago the city too looked way different to now. so please enjoy a few pictures I’ve been taking in my first week here.

On my flight to Beijing, I got to fly Business which was pretty amazing, I gotta admit! Tons of legroom, good food and a flat bed where amazing. Sleeping was hard though because the whole plane was super warm and super loud. Next time I really have to remember the earplugs I packed!

I’m currently staying at the China World Hotel, a very plushy hotel right in the CBD. My room not only has a massive tub (hello bubble baths), but also a ginormous shower and a litte phone holder by the toilet. Since I’ve noticed most locals here are more or less attached to their phone 24/7, such a contraption does make sense!

The air quality has been mostly ok, between 100 and 160 (which is for German standards horrid) and I’ve mostly only seen a bit of a haze in the distance. I think it comes through pretty well in the photos.
I’ve also noticed, that Beijing is much greener these days than from what I can remember. A colleague told me that there is now a quota for greenspace that needs to be filled whenever someone builds something. IN a big city that is probably a good way to get some green spaces.

Finally, I also went on my first trip on the Beijing subway! Getting the initial card (it’s rechargeable) is a bit hard, but after that travelling is easy. Where Beijing is very quiet on the streets in terms of foot traffic, it makes up for down in the subway.

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