A Full Cup at Half Cup

If you are ever in the King’s Cross/Russel Square area of London and are in desperate need of some brekkie, then Half Cup has got you covered!

Besides a sumptuous Sunday brunch at the Granary Square Brasserie, I also dragged Melissa to Half Cup for some yummy breakfast and Nudie coffee.

I discovered Halfcup almost a year ago when I went to London for a couple of days with a bunch of friends. What I love most about Halfcup is that there is something for everyone. In the group, we had lactose and gluten intolerance, and yet everyone found something yummy on the menu.

This time around I again had the breakfast brioche (a soft brioche bun with a poached egg, ham and avocado – divine) and Melissa went for a massive stack of pancakes with fruits. The food is amazing, you order and pay at the counter and then sit your butt down and chat with your buddies until brekkie arrives.

And if you are a serious coffee lover, then you will love their Nudie coffee. Just be careful that when you order a macchiato, it will be very small (right Kathrin 😀 ). If you want something different from an espresso, but still have a lot of coffee-taste, I can highly recommend the flat white.


Overall Halfcup is a hipstery little cafe with excellent coffee, wifi and food. Whether you need a bit of breakfast or a little pick-me-up, you’ll find something!

More info on Half Cup, including the menu, on their website.

Thanks to Melissa for letting me use her photos!


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