Recapping My 2018 Foundation Wardrobe Wishlist

Getting my wardrobe to a place that I am happy with, being able to wear any piece with confidence and not needing to be mindful of coordinating pieces is something I have been striving towards for some time now.

The process

My bullet journal didn’t just help me manage and organize my life, it also really helped me in getting my wardrobe to a place that I like. I can now safely pull things out and throw on without worrying about colours matching (at least in fall/winter).

One thing that really helped me was to make a colour palette for my wardrobe. My main colours are black, white and grey, with navy (winter), light blue (summer) as “neutrals”. My accent colours are blush ink, gold, olive/green, and camel. To be honest I have very little in the way of accent colours in my winter wardrobe outside of gold jewellery, so I think they will show up more in summer.

Winter wardrobe

I was pretty successful with my winter wardrobe, but summer is still very much a work in process. That I think is mainly due to me having money to spend on a wardrobe in fall and winter. With spring slowly crawling around the corner, I think I will be able to buy a few pieces that will help me look and feel good in summer.

Here was my wishlist (with commentary) for fall/winter:

  • black/light grey cashmere turtleneck (COS or Uniqlo) nope: really wanted some new cashmere, but the Uniqlo ones were disappointing and I didn’t get my mitts on the COS ones. won’t buy till next winter, since I have more than enough warm stuff.
  • merino/heattech leggins nope: thought I might need them with the minus temperatures, but an opaque tight is doing just as good a job.
  • faux fur coat nope: saw a really pretty one last year at Zara, and have been lusting after one for ages. Still searching.
  • black pointy boots bought: sort of bought very nice black boots, but they are not pointy. Still counts.
  • massive cashmere scarf nope: because I bought a big puffy coat, my medium sized COS cashmere scarf was more than enough.
  • big chunky/fluffy sweater nope: I currently am an onion, layered up like crazy and thus don’t need a big chunky sweater. I think I’d just boil alive if I wore one.
  • black long winter coat bought: Again sort of, I bought a big puffer coat at Uniqlo that has kept me warm even in minus degrees! I am super tempted to buy the longer version.
  • chunky knits nope: see above.
  • cord pants nope: Still looking for a good pair.
  • men’s suit socks bought: Well I bought Falke socks for women that are long and warm just like men’s suit socks.
  • 2 merino sweaters bought: I bought way more than just two merino sweaters from Uniqlo. In fact, I have four crewneck sweaters and three turtleneck sweaters and I love them all! Can highly recommend

My summer wardrobe, as mentioned, is still very much a work in progress, and since I will be going on summer vacation with my Mom, I am going to make a separate post about what I plan to get for my summer wardrobe. It’ll basically be the same as last year, but with hopefully specific products that I want to get.

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