Finding my Uniform

It’s really funny. Ever since I moved to London, there has been a change in my style, the blogs I read and the people I follow on social media. Previously I seemed to follow everyone, had no real idea what I needed in terms of clothing and thus had the weirdest assortment of clothes.

I think the major thing that changed was that I found myself – who I am and what I want – when I moved to London. Moving out, switching countries and being exposed to a completely new environment forced me to reevaluate who I am and who I want to become. Getting my Master’s degree taught me more than just IT and management.

I now sit in my very own flat writing this, with my dream job, a steep career ahead of me and more in tune with myself than ever before. It took a lot getting there. But I think it helped tremendously that I basically unfollowed everyone on Youtube and Instagram and started out with just the people whose aesthetic I really liked. Building off of that with their blogrolls, people they mentioned and a lot of Pinteresting, I now understand what I like to wear. And I like to think that is also partly due to me finally recognizing who I am.

That change, I think, is especially visible in my wardrobe. When I moved to London, it was a mix of colours, patterns and brands, complete randomness everywhere (except my underwear drawer funnily). Now, my colour palette is small, there are no patterns and I basically wear 100% Uniqlo and COS (that I think will change, now that I have my base level of clothes achieved and start to buy more to fill a need or a want, instead of frantically trying to buy enough shirts and trousers for a week).

Here are two images from fall/winter 2017. Brands are 100% cheap and I can honestly say that I only felt good in the outfit on the right. Which meant that I basically wore the same thing all winter long. 

Then in spring/summer 2018 (being too hot and too sunny for my tastes), I had to replace almost my entire wardrobe, a. because I hadn’t brought much summer clothing with me and London had 3 months of hell, and b. because I was starting to interview for jobs, and thus needed appropriate trousers and shirts.

I ended up buying two pairs of trousers from Uniqlo and ended up wearing them almost all the time with some nice t-shirts I found at Weekday. It was the first time, I didn’t have to think about what to wear and felt 100% comfortable.

And now back in Germany with the weather turning frosty, I wear the same thing every day: black jeans (Uniqlo) and a dark merino sweater or turtleneck. Sometimes I’ll throw on a COS cardigan or pair it with a shirt if I want to look for business. But that’s it.

It might seem super boring to some people that my wardrobe is 100% grey-black-navy, but to me it is a relief. I wake up every morning and I don’t have to worry about what to wear and what to pair what with. My biggest challenge usually is picking out a pair of earrings (I’m working on it).

Come spring/summer I think my wardrobe will condense down into even more of a uniform. I don’t like summer and once I find something that fits and suits me, as well as let’s me breathe, I just wear it to death.

Looking at the photos also reminds me to take more OOTD’s to share with you guys. Maybe I’ll also do something on the nice (and expensive) boots I bought. We’ll see.

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