Finding good earrings

I think a good earring can elevate any outfit, much like a good shoe. The problem was, that I never had a good pair. All my earrings were from H&M or Primark (remember the massive packs of earrings for 2£?). But since coming to London, I’ve started investing in a bit of daily luxury.

My “good” earrings currently consist of two pairs gifted to me by my parents, one pair of jade studs (probably fake) from the Hong Kong Jade Market, and three gold-coated silver earrings from Asos. Neither the jade nor the Asos earrings where particularly expensive, but they sparkle in the light and have that expensive shine to it. Whenever I wear them, I feel like they elevate my outfit. Like a good pair of shoes or a nice handbag, I think that nice earrings give even a yoga-pants-and-hoodie look a lift (I tried it, and I can confirm it).

Besides earrings, the jewellery I wear the most is my watch. Rings used to be another thing I wore a lot of, but they were always cheap ones from H&M or Primark that would turn your fingers blue if you didn’t take them off when washing your hands. And when I took them off, I’d forget putting them back on, and end up finding rings in all sorts of pockets weeks later.

I suppose I’d like to try wearing rings again. And the short gold necklaces that are right now all the rage thanks to Missoma. But buying good quality necklaces or rings, solid gold or just coated, are much more expensive than earrings. So I guess I’ll wait till I have some money in the bank to go a bit jewellery crazy.

And before you ask, yes silver jewellery is cheaper than gold, but I don’t like wearing silver, and won’t start just because it is cheaper.


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