A COS Haul

I noted that I have been shopping a lot, in order to build up a business wardrobe. In that process, I made two massive COS orders.

sizing and fitting wise, I found that COS is absolutely perfect for me when it comes to tops. I wear either a 40 or an M and so far sizing has been constant across all shapes and types of tops. My butt and thighs do not fit into their trousers, but thankfully I found my holy grail trousers with Uniqlo.

So how did I go and buy eight tops from COS in the span of two weeks? Well, I’m glad you asked. I went to Berlin for a day at the start of September and there went to COS to kill some time. I’d looked at their slim-fit shirt for a while now, since I desperately needed some nice business shirts, but I never really liked online shopping if I didn’t know that I kept it and 50€ always seemed a bit much (blame that on me not being used to good quality clothing that costs a little more but lasts), so I figured since I had time, I’d go in and see if they had the shirt in my size. They did. And it looked amazing! I immediately send a picture to my mom who just replied with “KAUFEN!!” (“BUY IT!!” in German).

So that’s how I got my first top. Then I went back home, my mom was super excited about the shirt, its quality (amazing) and the fact that it fit me so perfectly (I have wide hips and large boobs but a tiny waist, so no shirt ever really fit me). She then got out her iPad and went ham on the COS online shop. That’s how I got three more tops.

And then, after I’d done my first order and figured out that the sizing was constant across all items, they went and announced their Mid Season Sale! I was on my laptop when I got the email, and promptly went online and filled my basket. After a quick consult with my mom (aka my stylist 😀 ), I ordered. It was soo stressful because items were constantly selling out, but I ended up ordering a ton!


I ended up ordering six items, of which I returned only one, a v-neck merino cardigan that didn’t suit me, AND I saved over 50%. Let me tell you, if you like COS, you will love their sale, cause they take that shit seriously. No measly 10-20%, nooo, I got most things at least 50% off, with the grey silk and cotton turtleneck 70% off. Fuck yess!!

So now I have eight beautiful COS tops and a beautiful cotton summer shirt dress, the kind I’d always been looking for. I haven’t worn all items yet since for some it’s still too warm and for some already too cold, but I know that next time COS does their sale, I am once again ordering everything in sight!

Do you like COS as well? And did you manage to hit up the sale?

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