Afternoon Tea at Sketch

I recently went through all my photos that I took when I lived in London last year, and I stumbled on a bunch that I want to share with you. The first pile is from when I went to the afternoon tea at Sketch with my mom.

(Please excuse the bad quality, the room is weirdly lit.) Sketch has a weird fairytale/fantasy/scifi atmosphere. The deco, the staff and the food all have a slightly weird tilt to it, that makes the whole experience of afternoon tea at Sketch incredibly special and unique.

One thing that many people mentioned when I spoke to them about afternoon tea at Sketch was the live string quartet, that accompanies the afternoon tea

When doing afternoon tea at Sketch, the food is part of the experience. There are several courses, funky tableware ( I want!) and impeccable service. My highlight besides the scones where the sandwiches, all funky takes on classic styles. And a special shoutout goes to the caviar guy, who wearing a white suit, white fedora and carrying a ton of caviar comes by to serve up some caviar with your runny eggs.

From the photos you can see that afternoon tea is serious business at Sketch! You start out with runny egg and soldiers plus caviar, then munch on a tower of sandwiches and cakes, after that come scones and finally to top it all off, Victoria sponge from the trolley. We kinda rolled out of there!

Also, please enjoy a bunch of photos of the loos which can only be described as space eggs under a rainbow sky!

Traditional afternoon tea at Sketch in London is 59£. Sketch can be found here:

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