My Bullet Journal 2018

Bullet journalling is a big thing. There are so many channels on YouTube and posts on both Instagram and Pinterest just dedicated to the how and what. Today I am sharing my how and what on bullet journalling.

When I moved to London and started my Master’s degree, I took with me a Moleskine calendar, which I had been using for several years. By the end of the year I carried around a calendar adn a notebook, because I had to plot out essays, projects and make lists I needed to keep for a while. Ater a bit of research, I decided to try out bullet journalling.

I picked a black dotted soft-cover Moleskine for my journal. For work, I now use the “official” bullet journal from Leuchtturm. Comparing the two, I prefer the size and layout of the Moleskine, but the three bookmarks of the Leuchtturm are perfect for when you write in different places of your journal. Nevertheless for starters, the Moleskine was a good choice and it is easier to find, in my opinion, than the Leuchtturm.

My set up was very simple. I started out with a one-page overview of the year and then a yearly spread where I added all my deadlines, friends coming over and public holidays. Overall, I used it very little, but it was a good spread to go back to when I figured out my study and writing plans.

I also made meal plans for every trimester. As you can see, I mostly made big meals and then ate leftovers. And I really could use more veggies and less pasta. Oh well. The layout I used, I cobbled together from spreads I found on Pinterest.

My weekly spread is also very minimal. here you can see a week in December 2018 where, now working full-time, I clearly no longer use it. But during university, it was super useful. I plotted out when I had to write, study and revise for each week and diligently followed my writing plans with the layout.

The second picture show how I plan out essays and how I managed tasks when I went home for the holidays. Again it was really useful to have both calendar and notes in one journal, as I could first plot out essays and then add relevant milestones and todos into the weekly spread.

Between terms, I added pictures to kind of chapter the bullet journal and added colourful washi tape on the page edge to make it stand out (again, here I really missed more bookmarks).

Overall I really enjoy bullet journaling and I don’t think I can return to a normal calendar ever again. Even if I do need to use a calendar again, I can just create my own. And sitting down for a couple of hours, drawing lines and creating spreads is really enjoyable.

If you need both a notebook and a calendar, then I highly recommend you go get yourself a dotted notebook and create your own bullet journal. And I haven’t even mentioned the best thing yet: stickers!

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