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Recently I talked about how changing who I follow and what media to consume, also changed my style and how I feel about myself. So I thought I’d do a small series on the people I follow. Behold: my blogroll!

I follow tons of blogs, both beauty and fashion-focused, besides a bunch of Youtube channels. Some of them are very niche, others much more famous.

Who I’ve followed in the past has changed wildly over the last few years. From more beauty and very young lifestyle focused bloggers, to more mature and fashion-focused bloggers, I have seen them all. And the one thing I found I really enjoy is when someone is blogging about their day to day experiences and opinions. With fashion bloggers, I actually now tend to follow those that blog on the side, as a hobby.

And I guess that really is a reflection of how I view my blogging. It’s a hobby, mostly for fun and not for profit (although if you want to sponsor me, I won’t say no). That’s why my blog will likely remain a mishmash of beauty, fashion and a bit of travel.

If you are in need of a couple of new blogs or people to follow, head on over to my blogroll.

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