An Update 001: Looking back and looking forward

It’s been a little quiet on here. The explanation is simple: China happened. Between the crappy internet connection, the great firewall and work taking up all of my time, I decided to postpone any blogging to when I was back to Germany. So now that I am back, I have a massive backlog of posts. Lots of travel, beauty and general nonsense to update you on, as well as whatever the hell is going to happen in the next few months.

Looking back

Looking back at the last three months, I have to say, life has been bananas. My three months in China were preceded by a trip to Amsterdam, training and packing up my life. And after, I immediately jumped on the train to Paris for a concert of my favourite band (RAMMSTEIN, more on that later) and a lovely mother-daughter trip to Bordeaux.

Now I am sitting back in Stuttgart, getting ready for work and needing to sort through a ton of photos that have finally gone through Dropbox to my laptop (maybe I have to find a better way to get the images on my laptop and into blog posts, I seem to be unable to write without pictures done).

Looking forward

July I will spend in Stuttgart, and from August to October, I will be in Portland, Oregon. There I have a trip to San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and the surrounding must-see spots planed. In my last week, my mom will join me for a road trip around Oregon, before I fly back to Europe for work training.

After two weeks of holidays, I’ll then start my maybe-final project in my trainee program back in Stuttgart. Christmas I might take some time off to travel, but mostly I am planning on staying home and eating, reading and chilling.

Besides chronicling my travels, I also plan on writing down my knowledge of Hong Kong. After having lived there for five years, lots of people always come to me for tips and itineraries. I hope to write a small guide/itinerary, that I can hand out whenever someone asks me for tips. For that though, I have to research first how I’ll do that and see if I have enough pictures (maybe I need another South-East Asia trip :D).

And of course, life, as usual, will intervene. Before I even know it, it will once again be December, and I will need to start planning a new year.

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