I’m Back, Baby!

I’ve been gone a while. Like a long while. And so much has happened in the meantime. So this is my sort of explanation/story time/what’s going to happen next.

Finished Uni. End of August also meant an end to student life. I finished my MSc at the London School of Economics. While I don’t know my grade yet, I’m pretty sure I did well. It also meant that I moved back home to Germany, which was very bittersweet. On one side I was really sad that the year was over, but on the other hand, I’d been missing a lot of things like silence, bread, Aufschnitt, clean air etc.
As London is close, the parting was less terrible than other moves, and I’ll be back in December for my graduation.
Moving home also meant packing up my life. It fit into two and a half large suitcases and one 20kg box. It was a bit depressing.

Started a full-time job. While September was spent lounging on the couch and eating my parents out of house and home, October meant getting back to business. I started a traineeship at a large German company, which means that real adulthood has officially started for me.
Because of my job, I had to move into my own flat. For now, I live in a furnished apartment, since the traineeship is project based, and I don’t know where and how long all my project will be.
That also means that most of what I own fits into the back of a large car, as evidenced by how I got all my stuff into my new flat. All that’s left at home are some books, a box of clothing, and some documents and stuff.

So what’s next? Work wise, I will be very busy with projects, training, and general stuff. I’ll also now have to manage my own household and be an adult. That’s a bit scary.
I want to dust off this blog again because I spend a lot of money and time in the last few months figuring out my wardrobe for business life. So I think I’ll talk a little about that process and how I’m trying to get my wardrobe together without going broke or buying 500 things at once.
I also had a massive skincare thing recently and am now on Differin, in the hopes that my skin clears up. So maybe I’ll write about that as well.

So yeah, a lot has happened and changed, and I’m now more than ever super unsure of what I am doing with this blog. But maybe having a somewhat stable life will help me find some stability with my blogging.

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