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The fantastic Hanna from Foxycheeks recently posted a fantastic overview of Glossier. Inspired by this, and because I just finished one of the products, here is my review of the Glossier Phase 1 set.

The Glossier Phase 1 set includes the Balm Dotcom, the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the Priming Moisturizer. Since the Balm Dotcom comes in a variety of flavours, I have the Birthday version, which not only smells like vanilla cake but also glitters! Purchased in October last year, it has taken me roughly 6 months to finish the cleanser, polish off maybe a third of the balm, and the moisturizer… well that’s an entirely different mess. Suffice to say, all three products are heading to the bin!


Balm Dotcom. I picked the shade/flavour Birthday, because cake. Also glitter. I originally thought that this would be similar to my vaseline based lip balms, moisturizing and protecting, just with added glitter. While the very subtle glitter does help to elevate the look a little, the tube is super messy, and if you want a proper application, you will have to use your fingers, which will lead to glitter everywhere. And as has been pointed out by pretty much everyone at this point, the Balm Dotcom is just vaseline. For that plus glitter, I am not paying 10£, no matter how cool the packaging. Note on the packaging: it disintegrates fairly quickly as you can see in the images, which is really disappointing since it takes some time to use up the product.

Milky Jelly Cleanser. This was my evening second cleanse since I got it. With its easy-to-use pump bottle and sturdy design, it worked perfectly in the shower (yes I do my second cleanse in the shower, sue me) and helped take off all of my oil or balm cleaners. The reason why it ended up as my second cleanse was that I already had my La Roche Posay Effaclar H cleanser open and I didn’t feel that the Jelly Cleanser was doing much. But now that it is done, I really miss it. It’s a really lovely smelling product, that because of the texture is wonderful to massage into the skin. The only thing that is keeping me from repurchasing is the price. Maybe if they do another big 20% off for their birthday I might buy it again.

Priming Moisturizer. Maaaaaaan, this was a bust. When I originally bought it, I tried it as a night cream, since I was using a moisturizer with SPF during the day, and found it not moisturizing enough. So I shelved it until spring when I’d need a lighter day cream for under my SPF. So when I went home for a week over Easter, I packed the Priming Moisturizer with the intent to use it both morning and night, to really road test it. I managed two days before I capitulated and retreated to the comfort of Nivea. TWO DAYS. My face erupted into really painful, red cysts on the second morning, after having used the moisturizer three times. Now normally I’d have continued because I had just flown et etc. But the moisturizer was literally the only thing I had changed in my skincare routine, and I had not had any such breakouts since I started using acids properly. I have no clue what is in there to make my skin react in such a way. At first, I thought it might be the retinol it contains, but I have since started using proper retinol twice a week and have had no zits because of it. Oh well, you try some, you bin some.

I plan on doing one last Glossier order before I move back to the continent because there are some items that I still want to try or restock on, and then I plan on doing a big blog post about all things Glossier. In the meantime: have you tried anything from the Glossier Phase 1 set? Any likes, nopes, maybes?

I’ve previously reviewed the Cloud Paint here, and the Lip Gloss and Generation G here.
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