24 and counting

Last week I celebrated my 24th birthday. The last year has been crazy. Since I turned 23, I changed countries, started my Master’s degree and became more comfortable with myself.

While I do find New Year’s resolutions to be quite doable (if properly thought out), I think that setting myself goals for each year of existence might be a bit better, because I can tailor them to the stages of my life.

So for my 25th year on earth, I am setting myself the following goals:

1 – buy a proper foundation and use it. I use an Asian CC cream, but I’d like to buy a “proper” high-end foundation. When my face looks even, I feel like I need less other makeup, and also I feel like when I am a professional card-carrying, having-a-job adult, (faking) good skin is a requirement.

2 – make a habit of getting my eyebrows done. I recently got my eyebrows done professionally again, and it really helped with cutting down on the time I spend on maintaining my eyebrows and doing my makeup.

3 – have a facial. I think 24 is def an age where I can start investing in my face beyond skincare. Also, I used to get the occasional facial when I was a teen in Hong Kong, and it always really helped with my complexion. Probably something I will do in Doha.

4 – go on a beach vacation. The last beach vacation I took was so long ago, that I do not remember the year, or location, of the top of my head.

5 – read more books in a week, than there are days. Reading a book a day used to be something I did a lot, and I’d like to take a long enough beach vacation, that I can read an ungodly amount of books.

6 – subscribe to a newspaper. I am used to reading something during breakfast, so I’d like to keep that habit going. Not sure if I will order a weekly paper like Die Zeit, or something daily.

7 – subscribe to a magazine. Dito to 6. Probably going to be The Economist.

8 – buy a new PC rig. The Sims 3. That’s all.

9 – buy a fancy pair of shoes. This is mostly inspired by the hopes that I will have adult money. I’d like to buy a nice pair of ankle boots or some pretty going out heels.

10 – develop a fitness regime. I have been suffering from back pain and issues with breathing for a while now. Doing yoga weekly has helped, but I’d like to extend on that with pilates and strength exercises.

11 – find yoga pants that fit. For the above-mentioned exercising.

12 – go to Doha. I have one big trip already planned for next year, and that is for a week over Easter to go to Doha to visit a bunch of friends there!

13 – treat Mom and Dad to a fancy dinner

14 – start saving for retirement. Look, to sooner you start the easier it gets. Compound interest and all.

15 – settle into a wardrobe. I’ve been making a lot more effort here in London to downsize my wardrobe and start purchasing items that are a little better in quality and fit more into my planned wardrobe. I’m def going to write an article about how I’ve been planning that out, my colour pattern etc. So look out for that!

16 – go out more. Wherever I am going to move, I know that I will live alone. So to keep my shit together, I want to do more with people – colleagues, friends etc. It’ll also help with getting to know the city where I’ll live better.

17 – read more books. See number 5.

18 – get a second ear piercing. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’d like a second piercing on my right ear.

19 – get a job. Pretty sure I’ll lock this down by September. Knock on wood.

20 – get a library card. For cutting down on the amount of money I spend on books.

21 – come back to London. After my degree finishes, I’d like to come back to the city. This will likely happen in December when I attend my graduation.

22 – start learning Arabic. Blame the aforementioned Egyptian, and my desire to learn a third speakable language (my “actual” third language is Latin…).

23 – take a break. I have been working non-stop since I finished high school. Four years of undergrad, one year of working full time, and almost one year of postgrad later, I need a rest. I know I won’t be able to take a long period of time off, but then I also know myself enough to know that too much time off won’t be good either. So I am aiming to take more time for myself, pursue my hobbies and treat myself more. I know that that is easier when not at uni.

24 – forgive more often. Especially myself. I set myself lots of targets, goals and things to do (like this list), and I have to learn to be ok with not getting everything done or only getting things done sort of ok.

So there you have it. 24 things to guide me through the next 12 months. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them down below.

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