2019 Resolution

Happy New Year everyone! 2018 went by too quickly and too slowly at once. I cannot believe all the things that happened during that year throughout the world. And yet, for me, personally 2018 was quite slow.

I completed my Master’s degree, got a job and moved countries. Quite slow for me, I think. But 2019 definitely will be more of a rollercoaster. I already know that I will be going abroad with my job twice, once to China and once to the US. There will definitely be more changes and crazy things happening workwise.

Usually I don’t like to do elaborate New Year’s resolutions, but I think this year it might help me keep a focus in my personal life and achieve my goals. So here are my 2019 resolutions

  • Learn a new language. Duolingo is offering Arabic courses starting 6th of January and I desperately want to learn a new language. I’ve tried French and Spanish in the past, but neither really worked, because I don’t have the flair and panache. Arabic, however, is pronounced similarly to German and sounds best when spoken “angrily”. My Egyptian friend told me I’m a natural at pronunciation and I figured knowing a widely spoken language won’t hurt (also they have great food!).
  • Use up more products (and buy less). This year I will try to participate in the Project Pan from Beauty News. I have a ton of product, especially skincare, that I want to use up. Because I am moving abroad for periods of 2019, I can’t drag tons of product with me, and so I want to clear out as much as I can before I leave. Besides that I also have a lot of makeup, that is getting older and so I’d like to use some of that up before I leave, instead of throwing it out. Along with that, I also want to make a habit of buying only products and things as I need them, and not as I want them.
  • Make a habit of blogging.
  • Read a book a month. Last year I had a too ambitious goal and completely failed. Maybe 12 books will be manageable. It’s so funny to see how little I read now compared to when I was in school. Maybe I’ll find my reading mojo again.
  • Save some money. Coming out of uni, I have discovered that I basically have nothing that you need for adult life. Combine that with needing an adult wardrobe and having some serious cash for the first time, and tadaa you get spending! So both for my financial security and peace of mind, I am going to save a lot this year.

Yes, those are quite a lot of resolutions. Some I think are very obvious, grownup things to do, that will make my life easier down the line. And some very ambitious. I’ll try my best.

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