Update: Double Cleanse by Pixi+Caroline Hirons

It’s been a while since my review of the Double Cleanse by Pixi+Caroline Hirons. Some of my opinions remain unchanged. But as I’ve now used it up, I thought I’d share my final verdict on this cult product.

In my first post on the Double Cleanse by Pixi+Caroline Hirons, I said that the solid cleansing balm does its job. I’m no longer of that opinion. As I said in A Word On Cleansing, you need a lot of product to remove waterproof liners and so on. Even with normal eyeliner I often had product left and ended up with panda eyes after the second cleanse.

The cream, second step cleanser remains a disappointing product. But I think it was more down to me not using it properly. Compared to the cleanser I used after (way too harsh) the cream cleanser really did keep my skin in a good condition. But it was very drying, as my skin would start to feel very tight once I dried my skin. Definitely had to immediately follow up with a moisturiser.

I did complain also a bit much about the packaging. Look the packaging is super great if you keep this at home. But when travelling it is way too bulky. The lid is not airtight and the white lid that is supposed to keep products separate does not do that when travelling. I think that if they start selling the two cleansers separately, make the balm cleanser packaging much less bulky and put the cream cleanser in a pump dispenser or a tube, the Double Cleanse by Pixi+Caroline Hirons might be more appealing to travellers. Considering that this is the first product by Caroline Hirons and combined with it being the perfect intro to double cleansing, the Double Cleanse by Pixi+Caroline Hirons is not a bad product. It just is a bad product for me.

Overall, if they sell the cream cleanser separately and not in a tub, I might give it another try. The balm cleanser of the Double Cleanse by Pixi+Caroline Hirons is a miss for me.


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