Review: The Ordinary Foundation and Primer

One of the first things I did in London, when I finally had some time for myself, was to hit up The Ordinary. There I didn’t just purchase a bunch of skincare, I also went and got myself a lovely new foundation and a primer.

I have the Serum Foundation in the shade 1.1N and the High Spreadability Fluid Primer. The colour itself is a perfect match for me. I anticipate that come December I will have to go down a colour since I will be at my palest.

Together with the primer, the foundation lasts all day, and even without the primer, I will still look flawless at the end of the day. Yay. And that is something that surprises me because that bottle set me back less than 6£! HOW? How are you so good?

For me, when I put on the primer under the foundation, I have to wait for a bit to let the primer set. Otherwise, the foundation glides on so much, that the coverage is too sheer. There are still a lot of scars and blemishes around my jaw and mouth that I am covering up. When applied with my fingers, the Serum Foundation does cover them and makes my skin look so effortlessly healthy and glowy. I love it.

Overall, I can recommend both the High Spreadability Fluid Primer and the Serum Foundation to anyone looking for a well-performing, effortless finish that doesn’t rob you blind.

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