Quick and Easy Nail Polish

I don’t really wear nail polish much. When I do, it tends to be a very basic nude colour that does not show wear and tear easily.

Currently, I only use Essie Ballet Slippers and a very pale pink Essie Treat, Love and Colour polish, whose name I don’t even know. Under that, I always use a base coat, because my nails tend to be uneven and a top coat to keep everything together as long as possible. right now those are also from Essie: Millionails as the base and Gel-Setter as the top coat.

A word of advice: I found that the Essie colours tend to go off quite quickly if not used often (which is also why I only use a few to get them done quickly) and you can see that because the bottle starts to look a little swirly with the colour. So if you have a lot of polish, maybe give them a shake every so often, so that the colours don’t separate.

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