Project Pan 2019

In my New Years resolution post, I mentioned, that I really want to use up more products. To help me achieve this and also because I really have wanted to do this, I am going to do a Project Pan.

I got the idea from Hailey and Kat from the Beauty News Youtube channel (definitely worth following), who have been doing Project Pans for a while now. This year they introduced a hashtag on Youtube so that everyone could follow along:

Besides that, they also made a really handy Excel sheet to track all your products, which I think might be great to track empties in general.

I am absolutely doing a Project Pan this year. One difference: if I know that a product is not working for me (specifically skincare) I get to chuck it. I’ll collect all of my empties and trashed products and review them at the end of each month. The goal, besides using up products before they expire, is also to pare down both my makeup and my skincare stash to a level that can come with me, when I move at the end of March.

One major area of concern is also travel sizes. I bought myself the Kiehl’s Advent calendar this year, and boy are there a lot of things in there! Besides that, I think I also need to have a cull of my makeup. A lot of it is really old and likely has started to grow legs!

So over the next couple of posts I am going to give you a peek into my beauty collection and also do monthly updates on what I used up, trashed (and reasons why), as well as my new purchases.

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