Perfume Dreams

There is nothing more wonderful than having someone walk past you and smelling their perfume! Absolute bliss. For me, perfume is the finishing touch on an outfit. It evokes dreams and memories.

For the longest time, I only wore the Chanel No. 5 perfume. And the story behind me getting so much into it is kinda fun. The bottle you see in the photo is actually just a casing for the perfume bottle itself. Because it is a refill, I found it a little less expensive than the standard bottle. Still, it’s super expensive. Both heavy and floral in scent, Chanel No. 5 works both in winter and in summer.

A definite summer scent is the Lemon & Ginger Eau de Cologne by Aqua Colonia. I’d been eying it for a while, and then last summer, after having successfully completed my Bachelor, I treated myself to a small bottle. Very fizzy and zesty, I’d never wear this in cold temperatures. There’s just something wonderful about spritzing myself with this when the sun is shining and temperatures are close to melting.

Finally, the Revelation perfume oil by H&M was a bit of a spontaneous buy last winter. I visited my brother in Amsterdam and they had the most massive H&M with a huge section of makeup. There, I spotted several of these perfume oils. Revelation immediately was the favourite. It smells very similar to the Chanel No.5, in that it is firstly a very heavy and floral scent. But where the Chanel is light and feminine, Revelation is very heavy and almost masculine.

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