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Around my birthday I went on a bit of a beauty splurge, since I had finished a couple of things and also wanted to try out some new things. In total there are three things, two replacements for finished products and one totally new one, that I’d been dying to try.


MAC Translucent Setting powder. My old MAC Blot powder had died a heroic death some time ago now, and the loose powder from Nude by Nature I’d been trying out didn’t really do anything for me. So I bought the MAC Translucent Setting powder because I mainly needed my makeup not to move. When I bought the Blot powder, my main concern had been oil control, but because of a massive shift in my skincare routine, my face is now much more balanced and oil control is only necessary on really hot summer days.
So far I’ve been liking the MAC Translucent Setting powder a lot. It looks white both in the pan and on the brush, but once blended in, it blurs my skin and becomes unnoticeable. That said, I am very pale, and while it is supposed to be “translucent”, I think it might create a bit of a white cast if applied heavily on darker skin.


MAC Fix+.
I have been wanting to try a setting spray for a long time. So when I went in to buy the MAC Translucent Setting powder, I also bought a travel-sized MAC Fix+. It’s supposed to blur your makeup together to make it look more natural and make it last longer. I’m not sure if I’m seeing either. The fact that this teeny tiny bottle was so expensive isn’t helping much either.
I really like the concept, but not so sure about the product. Probably going to try versions from other brands to have a comparison.


The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 01.
As you can see, I’ve already gone ham on this bronzer. My old bronzer was some drugstore nightmare that was way too yellow for me. The only reason it now is gone, is because the lid broke off its hinges and meant that I couldn’t bring it with me on travels any more. I purchased it on a recommendation by Lily Pebbles and am 100% happy with it.
What I love most about this bronzer, is that it fits perfectly to my pale skintone. With its slightly reddish tint, it makes me look sunkissed without looking too much like makeup.

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