NARSissist Loaded Palette

I have been lusting after the NARSissist Loaded Palette for ages. Ever since it came out, I was anxious over it selling out and disappearing forever. Fortunately, it was re-released recently and I had a bit of budget left to treat myself.

The NARSissist Loaded Palette is a wet dream of a palette for me. I can create boring ass “natural” looks for the office, glittery lids or go full panda if I so fancy.

Personally I feel that this palette also covers both cool and warm tones. Given that I am very pale, all colours turn up well on my skin. They also blend amazingly. Just a word of warning though: all the colours, especially the deeper ones are insanely pigmented, to the point that a mere brush with your brush (see what I did there) will threaten to give you a black eye. So be careful.

NARSissist Loaded Palette

If you want to gaze at some beautiful swatches of the NARSissist Loaded palette, I recommend you head on over to Temptalia. Interestingly it seems to be unavailable in the US, but can still be purchased in the UK and Europe.

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