Review: NARS Creamy Matt Soft Concealer

Remember how I said, that I will post less about beauty? Well, today’s post is about a makeup product: the NARS Creamy Matt Soft Concealer. Oops.

When my parents came to London, we went into the NARS store in Covent Garden and my parents bought me the NARS Creamy Matt Soft Concealer. Thanks, guys! I’d been looking for a good, high-coverage concealer for some time, preferably not one from the drugstore, since those tend to not be available in every country (like the best full coverage liquid concealer from Catrice).

I have the NARS Creamy Matt Soft Concealer in the shade Light 2 VanillaRight now, at the start of spring/summer, it is a pretty good match. It’s still a bit too pink for my pale face, so I can’t use it without foundation, but once I have achieved my summer “tan”, it should match perfectly. That said, I will likely purchase the shade lighter (Chantilly, their palest shade) for winter.


Now a word of warning for this review: I don’t conceal under the eyes, so this review really only goes for covering redness and blemishes.

Warning aside, I love this concealer. It blends in beautifully with my foundation, covering redness around my nose and on my chin, as well as the odd blemish. I once even managed to hide a mole rather successfully, but that did require a bit more dedication. What I love most about the NARS Creamy Matt Soft Concealer, is that it just stays. With liquid concealers, I tend to get a lot of movement and even separation, especially in my T-zone where I need the coverage the most. The NARS Creamy Matt Soft Concealer, on the other hand, stays put and looks great even after a long day of uni and rush hour on the tube!

Overall I’d say get the NARS Creamy Matt Soft Concealer if you need to hide redness and blemishes and need it to last long. I don’t know yet how long the pot will last me, but even if it only were three months, I’d still get it. If you have it in a great matching shade, you can forgo foundation. Definitely worth it!

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