Review: Glossier Generation G and Lip Gloss

At the Glossier Popup store, I, of course, bought myself a very early Christmas present. Oops. Namely, I went home with the Generation G + Lip Gloss Set.  I’ve been looking for a my-lips-but-a-bit-browner lipstick for quite some time (is that even a phrase?) and when I saw that Glossier had Leo, the perfect brownish lipstick, I had to have it.

Besides the lipstick and lipgloss, my bag was filled with samples and other goodies. Sample-wise I got a little atomizer with Glossier you and a sachet of the Milky Jelly Cleanser, which I have in full-size. Then there were the obligatory pink pouch, stickers and a beautiful postcard of London.

To the products: The Generation G in Leo is amazing! I already know that I will repurchase it. The texture is soft and smooth, the application is similar to how you apply lip balm, and the finish is even. On top of all that, it lasts a surprisingly long time. Two to three swipes are enough to make my lips look a nice, brownish nude.

The packaging itself is sleek, minimalist and small enough to be unobtrusive. I like that the lid needs to be removed with a bit of force since lost lipstick caps in handbags are the worst! Bonus: there is a very satisfying click when you put the cap back on.

Cons, wise I can only think of the smell. It’s not necessarily unpleasant, but it just doesn’t smell like lipstick usually does, and that throws me off. It sort of smells like beeswax, but there is none of in the ingredients. For a brand that usually throws perfumes into everything, I’d have liked them to do so with the Generation G. But it’s not going to stop me from using it!

Then there is the Lip Gloss. Yes, it is the glossiest. No, it does not blow my mind. Sure, my lips look super plump and shiny, glossy, with the Lip Gloss, but there are severe downsides. For starters, keep your hair out of your face, because that shit is sticky af. So long as it stays on your lips and doesn’t come into contact with anything, it is the most amazing this ever. But as soon as I had a strand of hair wind-whipped into the gloss, it was game over. That strand became very sticky and gross real fast and smeared gloss all over my face. Super not glossy.

Just like the Generation G, the packaging is sleek and clean. I’m guessing that it won’t get all sticky and gross like some glosses do (Glossier so far has been 100% on point with their packaging) and the doe-foot applicator is a dream to use. The lid screws down well, and there is enough product on the applicator when you pull it out.

Overall, I think the Generation G in Leo is the best lipstick ever and can highly recommend it to everyone who wants effortless colour and minimal mess. The Lip Gloss, however, I wouldn’t recommend unless you are a gloss pro and are expert at keeping your hair out of your face.


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