Empties 001 Disappointing products

I’ve recently decided to get rid of some skincare bits. And because there are some true disappointments, I thought I’d also share those with you. So here it goes: four very bad products, that should be ashamed of themselves.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm 

Look, I have no fucking idea why I thought this product would work. Nose strips don’t work, why should a balm. In my defence, this was part of a set. And I was quite enthusiastic to try this. The instructions said to massage into the skin for two minutes. TWO MINUTES. Who the fuck has time for that? I sure as shit don’t. But I gave my best, and that’s all that counts.
To get back on track: the balm did absolutely nothing, and I was left with quite a red nose from all the massaging that I did. Seriously, don’t make the same mistake that I did. If nose strips don’t work for you, then the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm won’t work either.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm 

Hahahaha. Don’t waste your money. This cleansing balm does nothing. Absolutely nothing. I received this as a gift with purchase when I bought my mum a backup foundation. And I was quite excited, since the Advanced Night Repair is hyped up to the skies and back, and with its small size it’s perfect for travelling. If only the product wasn’t so shit. I took the cleansing balm with me to Hong Kong in Mach, because I was planning on only wearing minimal makeup. Like, all the cleansing balm had to do was break down some foundation, some concealer and some eyebrow stuff. Nothing fancy. It completely failed. At first, I thought I hadn’t used enough product, but you can’t expect your customers to use up half the tub for every use. needless to say, a massive amount of product didn’t help either. Most of my foundation and concealer was removed, but my eyebrows pretty much stayed in place. So if you just want to waste a lot of money, then by all means, buy this product. I sure as shit won’t.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream 

It turns out, I have an allergy to one of the ingredients in this eye cream. Yay. Don’t ask me which one it is, all I know is that my eyes start burning and itching like hell whenever I use this. If you do a bit of a google, you’ll find many people complaining about the same thing. That worries me slightly because I can slap shit on my face and never have to worry about allergic reactions. I mean I’ll break out, but I won’t start to itch, go red and burn.
Then there is the issue of rolling when applying makeup. Basically, if you apply too much eye cream or use too much force with your makeup application (read use the teeny-tiniest bit of force), you get lovely product rolling. Fuck off.

Ebelin Kojac Sponge 

Another one of those WTF products. There are Kojac sponges out there for very many dollars. Like over 10 at least. And spoiler alert: they do fuck all. At first, I really liked the sensation when I used the sponge with my cleanser in the morning and with my second cleanse in the evening. But the process of getting the damn thing functioning (soak in water for 2 minutes) is not at all good, very terribly bad. The shittiest thing, however, was the fact that after a little over a week, the thing started to smell funny. Now, I thought I rinsed out the sponge rather excessively after each use. But apparently, that was not enough.
Go do yourself a favour and don’t purchase something that cannot be stuck in the washer. Stick with flannels and don’t buy into gimmicky shit like I did.

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