A Word On Shelfies

I love books, I really do. But when I hear the word shelfie I don’t think of books. I think of skincare. Lots of skincare. Expensive, fantastic (and fantastical), magical, mythical skincare. Have no clue what I mean? Check out the ITG Top Shelf!


A Shelfie is a photo taken to show off what is on someone’s shelf. Typically, the person taking the photograph is also in the picture. Shelfies are usually taken to show off books, figures, or collectable memorabilia. Or in this case, skincare. All of the skincare!

ITG Top Shelves are a thing of legend. Not only do they feature the most envious of top shelves, they also feature famous women and the products that they love. Talk about skincare inspo! From Lisa Eldridge to Emma Watson, the ITG Top Shelf has them all. Replete with beautiful photos of gorgeous products, they are a feast for the eyes and a treasure trove of undiscovered products.

When Emma Watson showed off her Top Shelf, the beauty world went a little (a lot) nuts. No wonder, the products that she talked about were both ordinary and extraordinary. But her Top Shelf was not my favorite. Nope that honor goes to a Top Shelf not actually featured on ITG. Who’s Top Shelf do I mean? Jim Morrison’s of course!

Intended as a parody of all things Into The GlossThe New Yorker‘s hilarious reporting on Morrison’s beauty rituals (and boy are they rituals) perfectly captures the essence of ITG Top Shelf. See, it’s not necessarily about what you actually use or who you are. No, it’s about having options every time you open your cabinet to look at your products. It’s about the abundance of (expensive and pretty looking) skincare. Having an ITG Top Shelf means you are in. In the know, envogue.

And I’ll freely admit it. I too want a Top Shelf straight out of Into the Gloss. But I don’t have one (yet). And that’s ok. You don’t need one to be a skincare junkie. And let’s face it (pun intended): better to watch from afar than to be confronted with that wall of products each morning. The indecisiveness would make me mad.

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