A Tiny Glossier Order

Oooooops. Guess what I did the second I was on US soil? Order me some GLOSSIER!! (Yes, it was at the top of my list. I was running out of good cleanser and didn’t want to order from Asia. Also pink bubblewrap pouches.)

Did I order a lot? Probably. But definitely less than I had planned. Neither the Lidstars nor the Body Hero stuff looked appealing once I got to checkout. Nevertheless, money was spend, stuff acquired. Behold:

As I mentioned, I needed a cleanser and I really, really missed the Milky Jelly Cleanser. Btw, there is a good “dupe” from REN, if you cannot order Glossier. Then I also got the Zit Stick, because I was getting a couple of buddies on my face and I really don’t like the pimple stickers. I also repurchased the Generation G in Leo and another Cloud Paint (Storm, makes me look like Snow White). Because I wanted to try both the Lash Slick and the Boy Brow, I also went for the Makeup Set. And they threw in some free hair clips with a coupon code. Yay.

The packaging as always is amazing. Gotta get that pink Glossier Bubblè Wrap. Of course, I already ripped into everything and put it all on my face. Reviews to follow.

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