Cover Your Face: 3 For Multi-Masking And Multi-Tasking

Multi-masking has been quite en vogue these last few months, or years? Not sure on that. But I’ll freely admit that I think it’s an awesome technique. On one side you have all the more reason to buy yourself some more face masks, and on the other hand, you get optimal results in less time. To get you started with multi-masking, I recommend at least three masks to cover all your bases. One to moisturize, one to exfoliate and one to purify.


Moisturize: Mask of Magnaminty by Lush

This mask is not only full of natural ingredients, it also smells like peppermint and heaven. Together with Kaolin clay, the peppermint soothes the skin while giving you that fresh, slightly tingly feeling. Besides that, the mask also helps calm redness and adds moisture and glow to dull skin.
I really enjoy this mask for two reasons: it smells and feels fantastic, and it de-stresses my skin after just one application.

Exfoliate: Pure Clay Glow Mask by L’Oreal

One of the L’Oreal Pure Clay masks, this red pot is designed to exfoliate and brighten. Enriched with Red Algae extract and finely milled apricot seeds, the mask gently exfoliates dull, uneven skin and gives you that natural glow.
When I start feeling a pimple coming on, I slap this on and the next day both the swelling and the redness have gone down.

Purify: Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque by Kiehl’s

The Amazonian white clay helps to draw out toxins and dirt from your skin. Besides minimizing pores the mask also helps with keeping my T-zone shine-free, especially in summer.
In the summer I also use this mask after a long and hot day to make me feel less gross and sweaty.

Yes, there is a theme going on. Yes, I love clay masks, and no, my skin is not super oily. My skin being more of a mixed back (oily T-zone, dry jaw, and sensitive cheeks) I find that having a “theme” to my skincare prevents it from overreacting if I load it up with different products for each skin concern.

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