New In 001

Around my birthday I went on a bit of a beauty splurge, since I had finished a couple of things and also wanted to try out some new things. In total there are three things, two replacements for finished products and one totally new one, that I’d been dying to try.

Finding good earrings

I think a good earring can elevate any outfit, much like a good shoe. The problem was, that I never had a good pair. All my earrings were from H&M or Primark (remember the massive packs of earrings for 2£?). But since coming to London, I’ve started investing in a bit of daily luxury.

An Update

I suppose I owe you guys an apology. It’s been quite a while since I posted on here. There are many reasons for this, uni, work, life in general. So I’d like to give you an update and talk a bit about my plans life-wise and blog-wise.

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